Thanks to our continuous investment and improvement program, we are able to cast parts up to max. 5000 Kg net cast weight, with our 2 dual-track medium frequency induction furnaces, each with 2.5 tons melting capacity. An additional two induction furnaces with 500 Kg capacity allow and permit us to support the casting operations and also to cast low weight requested pieces as well. The electronic weighing system of the furnaces, linked to a computerized spectrometer, enables very precise charge calculations and achieves the desired alloy compositions, with fine calculated adjustments before casting. An exact temperature of the molten alloy is measured by means of a dip-pyrometer.                           With the help of inert (argon) gas purging system used in our furnaces, we can provide a high homogeneity  in the molten metal and a cleaner structure by the removal of inclusions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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