The molds are produced according to the moulding design which is predetermined by casting simulation program. In our foundry, we have one automatic flaskless molding system with 1200x1800x500 mm frame dimensions which is feeded by a resin system continuous mixer with 30 tons/ hour capacity.  Besides, we have continuous mixer systems for core and mold production; one with 25 tons/hour capacity, two with 10 tons/hour capacity and one with 3 tons/hour capacity. Also, there are 4 core machines as carbon dioxide and shell process.  The molds and cores consist of usage of sands like silica, chromium oxide or zirconium oxide sands.


Thanks to our new investment, Thermal Reclamation System with 3 tons/hour capacity; we can enable the reuse of waste sand used in molds by burning the residual resin in the sand. We can reduce the costs and the environmental pollution with the help of recycling sand. On the other hand; since the system sand  which is exposed to a high temperature obtained a more favorable structure for casting, it also affects positively the casting quality.                                                                                                               

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