Our company was founded in 1979 in the province named Pınarbaşı of İzmir which is an Aegean port city. The location of the company permits us to offer a worldwide service by land, sea and air deliveries. Equipped with enhanced technological steel casts complying with the necessary experience in working with steel, we manufacture steel casts complying with the international standards. We produce wear and impact resistant, high temperature and corrosion resistant steel castings with up to 5000 Kg per part. 

Our Vision / Our Mission 

 Our objective is to realize the investments that lead the change and development in the sector and to continue our activity as an organization which is efficient, reliable, and respectful to the environment, quality and value oriented in the steel casting sector.


Our aim is; to increase our competitiveness, profit on sale in domestic and foreign market by producing products of high quality that meet customers’ expectations. For this matter, our main goal is to attain the quality level as Pınar Döküm A.Ş.Less scrap, more trusted products with high quality are significant factors on efficient production. Also to develop knowledge level of our employees, decrease expenditures and increase production efficiency are our primary goals. According to our goals which we have determined, Quality Management System principles will be taken as a basis with our all departmental employees. All departments are obligated to work under this quality system integrity. We commit that we will fulfill our aims and objectives and enhance the effectiveness of the system consistently.


We commit to protect the environment, adopt, implement and fulfill the appropriateness obligations of sustainable development to hand down a healthy environment to next generations. As we plan and practice all our activities; it’s our principles to increase the environmental performance, watch the effect on environment, evaluate, enhance consistently, efficient usage of our inputs, decrease the waste in its own source. In Steel casting; we commit to aside the hazardous and non-hazardous waste by amendable waste management plans and relevant laws.


IN OUR COMPANY OBEYING THE LAWS AND 2nd REGULATIONS IS MANDATORY; We commit to obey the conditions of the organization which we are a member of and current ISG law and regulations by attendance of our employees. OUR MANAGERS AND EMPLOYEES ARE RESPONSIBLE OF İSG; We will provide trainings for our employees to make awareness of personal İSG responsibilities. DANGERS WILL BE IDENTIFIED; POSSIBLE RISKS WILL BE PREVENTED; We commit to provide a healthy and ergonomic working environment in order to determine and inspect dangerous and possible risks in our organization by containing necessary resources, preventing any kind of occupational accidents, injuries and occupational diseases. OUR ISG PERFORMANCES WILL BE EVALUATED;It has targeted to cancel out the OCCUPATIONAL ACCIDENTS, INJURIES and OCCUPATIONAL DISEASES and “ZERO ACCIDENT” by careful working of our employees.


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